Humanism & Religiosity

Par Joseph Kerba, B.Ph.Ph.Ch.

Thème : Religion

Format : Roman (134x204)

Nombre de pages : 100

Date de publication : 12/09/2018

ISBN : 9782414262533


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Religious strife has marked the 21st century and has steadily intensified. Radical elements seem to be successfully spreading their message of intolerance, with limited factual opposition from moderates. This reference book represents an attempt to turn the tide, particularly with respect to Christianity and Islam; in that regard, it is certainly very timely. It also seeks to welcome agonists and atheists - who share the principles of humanism - within a secular Alliance: SIAAAH (Secular Interreligious Alliance welcoming Agonists and Atheists for Humanism).
Generally speaking, the religious despise and judge the agnostics and the atheists as unfit to join their ranks. However, the author believes that such brothers and sisters who doubt or who disbelieve in God are still His sons and daughters in whom He believes and loves as much as He does all His children. Who are we then to set them aside?

Biographie de Joseph Kerba, B.Ph.Ph.Ch.

Joseph Kerba, B.Ph.Ph.Ch. was born in Cairo, Egypt, on June 3, 1942. He went to Saint-George’s College, in Heliopolis, Egypt, run by Irish Fathers. He holds degrees in both Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, and acted as a Licensed Pharmacist in Quebec, Canada. He immigrated to Canada in 1967. He is married and blessed with four children and seven grandchildren. Joseph led two major pharmaceutical companies in Canada, as vice-president and general manager, before starting his own consulting firm: Kerbapharm Inc. He still accepts lecturing assignments, debates and other activities, sharing his knowledge and views with university intelligentsias, politicians and the media. However, his main activity, other than being a bilingual author, is volunteering with handicapped kids and premature babies.

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