Biba's inheritance

Par Philippe Dzek Amevigbe

Thème : Roman psychologique

Format : Roman (134x204)

Nombre de pages : 28

Date de publication : 05/06/2014

ISBN : 9782332714848


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8,50 €

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Bam worked as a secretary in a district office and got married to a young woman who gave him a gifted little girl. The entire family was leading a peaceful life. Unfortunately, a mysterious illness kills the mother, who confides a secret to her daughter before dying. Then, Bam brings home a troublesome woman, who will make the girl's life more difficult. In this story, the author Philip Dzek Amevigbe, Doctor in Education, researcher and writer, focuses on the ill-treatment of a girl who is a model for intellectual women’s elite.

Biographie de Philippe Dzek Amevigbe

Philip Dzek Amevigbe was born in 1938 at Danyi, in Republic of Togo. He early showed an interest for his studies and prematurely took up a career in teaching due to unfortunate events of life. Motivated by a personal ambition, he learnt French and English, and furthered his studies to obtain his Doctorate in Science of Education. He now devotes most of his time to research and writing.

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