A young man corrected for his idleness

Par Philippe Dzek Amevigbe

Thème : Roman de société / actualité

Format : Roman (134x204)

Nombre de pages : 34

Date de publication : 16/05/2018

ISBN : 9782414201068


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“This evening, the atmosphere was an enthusiastic twilight. Afia, the mother of the modest family, while spying on Mewa, her only son who could eventually leave the house as he was used to, prepared a rich dinner to dissuade him. The latter, conscious of the situation, suddenly changed his attitude to take an interest in her. Who did not know this young man in this family! He who was so passionate about an idle life outside the home that he missed three times his baccalaureate. Only his mother was worried about it, perhaps some compassionate neighbors who were bitterly criticized by Tounou, the father of the family, who thought they were dishonoring his family. According to him, the only child lacked unknown, and would have for his future, so why bother him to work? This spirit was never ending discussions at home because the far-sighted mother felt a miserable life after the death of one of them.”

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