A broken tradition


Par Philippe Dzek Amevigbe

Thème : Autres / Divers

Format : Roman (134x204)

Nombre de pages : 56

Date de publication : 25/05/2018

ISBN : 9782414201037


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One evening, Tana, a combative pupil, returning from high school, was surprised by the aunts of his pretender who had come to take her to the wedding ceremonies. Without opposing it she managed in insidious ways to break the tradition in order to resume further studies crowned by the university degree. Returning to inform her parents of obtaining a scholarship for doctoral studies abroad, she was the victim of a kidnapping during a reception organized in her honor by her community. Having managed to escape, she hurried her journey.
In this narrative, the author, Philippe Dzek Amevigbe, Doctor in sciences of education, researcher and writer, touches on the question of the good image of the girl, the early marriage, the harmonizing of the traditions with the needs of the new world and the envy.

Biographie de Philippe Dzek Amevigbe

Philippe Dzek Amevigbe, Doctor of Education, writer and researcher, was born on the 1st November 1938 in Danyi in the Togolese Republic. After the scientific baccalaureate, he was trained as a junior high school teacher in the English-French session and by correspondence in the art of writing at the ”École ABC” in Paris. Various trainings courses in Belgium, France and Canada have led him to soak up the literary bath. After obtaining a doctorate in measure and evaluation, he devoted to research and writing.

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